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Retinol: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Retinol is a major source of Vitamin A.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Retinol Rich Foods for Vegetarians
110%768µgmargarine (100g)
97%676µgskimmed milk (dry) (100g)
96%671µgbutter, regular (100g)
96%671µgbutter, whipped (100g)
96%671µgbutter, unsalted (100g)
68%478µghard goat cheese (100g)
65%456µgbutter, light, salted (100g)
65%456µgbutter, light, unsalted (100g)
57%401µggoat cheese (100g)
50%349µgcream, whipping, 35% m.f. (100g)
45%313µgcheese, port-salut (100g)
42%297µgcheese, muenster (100g)
41%290µgcheese, roquefort (blue) (100g)
40%283µgsoft goat cheese (100g)
38%268µggruyere (100g)
36%253µgdry whole milk (100g)
35%246µgegg (fried) (100g)
35%242µgcheese, edam (100g)
34%240µgcheese, camembert (100g)
34%239µgcheese, neufchatel (100g)
32%223µgcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
31%214µgemmental (100g)
29%206µgscrambled egg (100g)
29%202µgcroissant, butter (100g)
28%197µgcroissant, cheese (100g)
27%192µgcheese, blue (100g)
27%192µgcheese, processed, swiss (100g)
27%191µgegg (boiled) (100g)
27%191µgegg (100g)
27%190µgegg (poached) (100g)
27%189µgeclair (100g)
27%188µgcheese souffle (100g)
26%184µgcream, whipped, cream topping, pressurized (100g)
26%179µgvanilla ice cream (100g)
25%174µgcheese, mozzarella, (52% water, 22.5% m.f.) (100g)
25%173µgcheese, brie (100g)
23%164µgcheese, gouda (100g)
23%162µgcookie, butter, commercial (100g)
22%155µgquail egg (100g)
20%142µgcake (made with butter) (100g)
20%138µgegg and cheese sandwich (100g)
19%135µgcream puff (100g)
18%125µgcheese, feta (100g)
17%117µgricotta (100g)
17%116µgchocolate ice cream (100g)
15%107µgcheese fondue (100g)
15%105µgpartly skimmed milk ricotta (100g)
15%103µgwhite sauce (100g)
14%96µgstrawberry ice cream (100g)
13%90µgcroissant, apple (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Retinol Rich Foods for Vegetarians
32%227µgscrambled egg (110g)
29%202µgvanilla ice cream (125ml)
28%193µgegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
27%189µgcheese souffle (250ml)
24%169µgskimmed milk (dry) (25g)
22%151µgeclair (80g)
21%144µggoat milk (250ml)
20%143µghard goat cheese (30g)
17%119µgcottage cheese (fat) (175g)
17%117µgricotta (100g)
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